Chow Chow Champions of Europe

by Isabella Milani & Siro Baruffaldi


It  is certainly a feast for the eyes: for a chow novice like me, seeing the most up-to-date pictures from a really wide range of chow bloodlines was a revelation. Much more so than the other chow books in my possession, mainly due to the currency of Isabella and Siro's compilation and publication. Chow Chow Champions of Europe is THE Chow Book to own. The large colour plate, one on each page, do our Chows' beauty more justice than any other book on the market. Isabella and Siro's testament to their love of the chow chow breed has its ultimate expression in this original and extremely satisfying approach to displaying and educating about our breed. If they say a picture paints a thousand words then this book speaks volumes. I commend this book to all of you without reservations. Bronwyn Kingdon - Australia

I too received mine over a week ago and I a absolutely in love with it!!! I had heard all these stories about how wonderful the book is but it surpassed my wildest dreams. This is *the* Chow book to own. Isabella and Siro have really done an incredible job. This is definitely a must have. Mindy Fenton-Samuels - Japan

I spent far too many hours when I should have been sleeping, looking through the copy of the book, which arrived yesterday. I just couldn't put it down! 
Isabella and Siro have arranged their book so that the Champions of each country are together. There are little write ups about special memories of the Chow by their owners, a brief pedigree, and wonderful photographs. I own most of the chow books, and in my own opinion this is THE best chow book I have ever seen.Thank you Isabella and Siro. The Chow world is a little richer thanks to you.
Pauline Bignell - Canada

Only few copies left and it will not be reprinted in Europe. If you would like to get further infomation send an email


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