Chow Chow Champions of Europe

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by Isabella Milani & Siro Baruffaldi

We live in a little village nestled in the hills of Lago di Como (Lake of Como) Italy, sharing our lives with three children and 14 Chow Chows. Our Chows, while the basis of our kennel, Ceppo Rosso, are, first and foremost treasured pets. "Chow Chow Champions of Europe" isn't the first book we have written about the Chow. Other of our books - Il Chow Chow - Collana Oro - ed. De Vecchi and Il Chow Chow - Cani di Razza - ed. De Vecchi have been translated into French, Geman and Spanish. Our books are based on a solid love of the Breed.
We have been breeding and showing Chows since 1982, basing our line on an old American line - Pandee's. A light red female puppy we imported from Sikhota Alin in France in 1987 went on to become one of the greatest dams in Italy, our beloved and very missed Producer Ch. Chong-Ha Sikhota Alin as well as a dark red puppy we imported from T'ai-P'ing T'ičn-Kwo Kennel in Holland
went on to become one of the greatest sires in Europe, J.It.Ch.-Producer Champion T'ai-P'ing T'ičn-Kwo Jang-Tse Kiang, a grandson of Ch.Valric Prophet's Diplomat, who has produced numerous Champions, among them the reknowned J.It.Ch.-It.Ch.-Int.Ch.-Slov.Ch.Top Dog'96-Producer Ch. Hoang-Ho del Ceppo Rosso who gained the title, Best Chow Bred in Italy under Mr. Paul Odenkirchen at the International/Clubmatch Show in Milan in 1996, as well as J.It.Club Ch.-It.Ch. Mi-Heide del Ceppo Rosso was under Mrs.Anita Westlake and It.Club Ch.-It.Ch. Keren del Ceppo Rosso was under Mrs. Marisa Brivio Chellini in 1995.
In 1996, Ceppo Rosso imported the first smooth Chow into Italy, a black female from Norway, Lohov's Celebrity From Norway.
We also bred It.Ch.-Producer Ch. Imke-Kwo del Ceppo Rosso the first Producer Champion Female Chow born in Italy. Many other Ceppo Rosso Chows have attained Club Ch., as well as International Ch., and National Ch. titles.
In 1996, Ceppo Rosso was awarded second place in Group V of the Trofeo Allevamento ENCI. Winners of this prestigious prize from the Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana are chosen from among all the kennels in Italy.

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